Secrets of Charisma: 33 days to Instant Influence

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Have you ever noticed how some people can persuade without effort?  People instantly like them and want to be around them. Have you seen people always get what they want and everyone around them wants to give it to them?  How do they command attention and influence with everyone they meet?   Charisma is the 20% that gives you 80% of your results.  Charisma is the skill that will give you the quickest return on your time and dramatically increase your success and income.

Charisma is the ability to empower and influence others into believing in you, trusting in you, and wanting to be influenced by you.  You inspire them.  You help them see themselves in the future carrying out your vision.  They are moved and energized by your passion and enthusiasm.  They are magnetized and driven by your charisma.  They are lifted and inspired by your optimism and expectations.  In essence, you’re a source of empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration.

Charisma empowers others to like you, even if they don’t know that much about you and even when there hasn’t been enough time to develop trust in you.  Charisma gives you power, allegiance, and devotion with your audience, and it creates instant support.  So, are you born with charisma or is it learned?  Is it nature or is it nurture.  The answer to both questions is yes!  Some attributes are inherent, some you have learned and others can be acquired.   It is a trait that can be taught and easily mastered.  This is a 33 day video course on charisma.  Each day you will master a skill that will dramatically increase your income.

These are video recordings (MP4′s) that were done live for my coaching students.

The Secrets to Charisma  -  33 Videos

1          Keys to learned charisma

2          Self-Perception Bias: The Great Blind Spot

3          Passion: Transfer Pure Energy

4          Confidence: Conviction is Contagious

5          Congruence: Action vs. Intention

6          Optimism: Adjust Your Attitude

7          Positive Power: Force is NOT Charisma

8          Energy & Balance: Vibrant Wellbeing

9          Happiness & Humor: It Comes From Within

10        Self-discipline: Will power equals commitment

11        Competence: What you don’t know will hurt you

12        Intuition: Follow Your Instinct

13        Purpose: Tapping into Unlimited Drive

14        Integrity: Character Counts

15        Courage: Stand Up and be Counted

16        Creative: Let The Creative Juices Flow

17        Focus: Activity does not equal accomplishment

18        Presentation skills: Educate Inspire and Entertain

19        People skills: Do They Really Like You?

20        Influence: Help Others Persuade Themselves

21        Story Mastery: Create the Image

22        The Eyes: The Window of Reality

23        Listening: Say What?

24        Rapport: The Instant Connection

25        Inspire: Strengthen & Energize

26        Esteem: Understand the Ego

27        Credibility: Knowledge & Expertise

28        Motivate: Light their Fire

29        Goodwill: Charity and Compassion

30        Vision: See it, Taste it, Touch It, Feel it

31        Empathy: Compassion Creates Friendship

32        Respect: Show a Little Love

33        Conclusion – What’s Next

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