Congratulations! You have now taken a step that only the elite take: mastering the art and science of Persuasion and Influence! When money changes hands, it’s because something unique happens in your client’s mind…something that makes them comfortable about giving you a resource that is becoming increasingly limited: time and money!

We are going to focus on four critical areas of your success. If you are wondering what is taking so long to achieve your goals – it is probably one (or more) of these areas holding you back. We have found that 85% of your success will come from these four areas. The four areas are:

1. Persuasion and Negotiation skills
2. Personal Mastery (self-persuasion)
3. Trust/Influence/Charisma
4. Presentation Skills

Learning the skill of persuasion is easy! Remember, many of the audios are in the MP3 computer format and the videos are in MP4 format.. These audios/videos will play on any computer or IPOD. Each set of audios has a digital workbook. I know you might feel like you are back in school, but true mastery and application come from using these workbooks.

Once again, congratulations! As Napoleon Hill the Author of Think and Grow Rich said: “Persuasion is the magic ingredient to your success!” You’ll soon find that the more you know about persuasion, the easier your life and income becomes! Clients find their way to you and you’re able to convert them into properties and products almost effortlessly!

Persuade with Power!
Kurt W. Mortensen

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